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Othha thanmo feat. Hiram

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Othha thanmo

No idea. Yeap. No freaking idea of where I had landed. I just knew that it was moisty, cold and ... moisty. Maybe was it stinking as well, something like the essence of a moldy vegetation. Definitely not the kind of atmosphere I signed for when I decided to take my plane ticket for the Summer camp. In fact, the guide book even said it was an idyllic setting, something you'll never forget, and on, and on. Turned out that it was the same commercial bullshit that they'd told me concerning a trip in Lisbon but, this time, at its best. Ouch, my head. What a blackout. The only memory I had for sure about last night was that I had enough cocktails to make me sleep like a baby on this uncomfortable rock. A rock ... that was covered in blood. Great. Now, I'm some kind of a suspect in some crappy police investigation. That is when I felt one bloody drop hurtling down my face. Then, two. Maybe a trail of it, all of a sudden starting to repaint my skin. From the tip of my fingers, I tried to determine what was this invasive liquid. My blood. Immediately seized by fear, I wanted to stand up, walk away from this mess, find a quack, somewhere, quickly. But, I failed, crashing in this soaked grass

That's when I saw someone getting closer and closer. A man, I could tell from his shoulder span. What if this is the dude who's responsible for my wound ? I was definitely not in the mood for a fight. Indeed, I knew I would be the one to lose this final clash. My eyes hardly opened, laying like a cruding prey, I tried to shout. In vain. I barely jabbered about my intentions. « Stay where you are. This ... is a serious warning. » Those last words took away all of my strength. Irremediably. Inevitably. What am I gonna do if he disobeys ??


@Hiram Smith - Keller mon anglais n'est pas parfait, so sorry, did my best
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